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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

How do I earn money from shortening links?

How is it, my friends? Many people want to work online, but they do not know which fields to start with first, especially if it is a beginner.

I will share with you

How did you manage to earn some dollars by shortening links with very simple ideas

We will start with the best sites that have been tried by me and made a good profit

Then I will explain each site separately

Site Features

1. It is very easy to use by the visitor who will visit you so that he does not put the annoying person check, it will not be annoying to your visitors

2. Only the visitor waits ten seconds and then goes to the desired link

3. Repeat visits are accepted, up to five visits from the same IP

Site defects

1. Sometimes it puts a lot of popups

2. I only have two ways to get the earned money

Webmoney - The minimum withdrawal amount is $5

Payoneer - The minimum withdrawal amount is $20

3. Ratio compared to the rest of the sites

But in any case, it is one of the best sites in this field, and I advise you to try it

؟So, after we know which site we will work on, how do we get visitors

There are many ways to get real visits, but they are paid, but I have a small gift for you that I will present to you

Many of you know the application of Telegram

Why don't we use it together to post some links

But how are we going to work? Don't worry. Very soon there will be a whole thread about it and believe me, you will gain a lot from this

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