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Friday, February 18, 2022

How Get Free visits for my site

Welcome, there are many ways to bring visitors to your blog or website But the question is 

 why do you want free visits

First you must determine why the visits

Do you want it to improve your Alexa rank.1
2.To get better ranking in search engines
3.Or to profit from ads

Well, if you are here for one of these three reasons, you are in the right place

First, to improve your Alexa or search engine rankings

There are many ways, including free and paid, I will share now the free and later the paid

1. Exchange visits
2. Marketing on social media
3. Traffic Bot..I don't like this

We will explain each method myself
1. Exchange visits
It is for you and some visits to each other's websites

Of course there are plenty of sites to do that

3.boost up
5.boost rank
6.easy hits 4you
2. Marketing on social media

Undoubtedly, this method is my favorite, but it requires effort

It simply depends on writing interesting content and publishing it on social media groups

Soon I will share a program that does the work for you

3.Paid method

The best of the three methods, but you need capital

Because you will advertise your site or product

The best companies I've tried are
1. google ads
5.rotate 4all

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